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Firestone FR710 The Firestone FR710 brings technology, affordability, and popularity together. UNI-T technology offers outstanding traction whether the road is wet or dry. The wide footprint adds comfort and quiet to the ride. These features make the FR710 an staunch value.

Larger sizes and wider footprints are in high demand in today?s tire market, and the Firestone FR710 ensures that consumers can be on the cutting edge of that trend.The all new Firestone FR710 from Firestone takes the advantages of UNI-TŪ Technology and applies them to a tire for traditional vehicles. Firestons exclusive UNI-T Technology gives the tire superior wet handling and a quiet, comfortable ride, while the wider footprint provides the Firestone FR710 greater surface contact area for improved traction, handling and cornering.The Firestone FR710 is the perfect step-up for the brand conscious consumer.

The Firestone FR710 tire incorporates UNI-T which is an acronym for ?Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology.? One of its core technologies is a Computer Optimized Component System, CO&CS, through which a super computer helps determine an ideal combination of tread design, casing shape, materials and construction for a particular application. Tires with UNI-T have an O-Bead that helps eliminate overlapped joints in the bead assembly, improving the way a tire interacts with the rim to provide a rounder assembly for improved stability. The use of L.L. Carbon, or Long Link Carbon, an advanced form of carbon black, also in UNI-T, produces a strong tire, better able to resist cracking, chipping, tearing and excessive wear.

The Firestone FR710 has a Uniform Tire Quality Grading score of 560 A B and is available in H, S and T-speed ratings to suit the Passenger tire market needs, the Firestone FR710 will be available in popular 14" thru 18" inch sizes in the 50 thru 70 series.

The Firestone FR710 comes with a 65,000 Mile Treadwear Limited Warranty, a Gold Pledge Limited Warranty, and a Buy & Try 30-Day Guarantee. For additional information, please contact your local Firestone tire retailer.

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FR710 Features

  • Wide Flow-Through Grooves and Deep Shoulder Slots - Promotes traction in wet or dry conditions.
  • Wide Footprint - Contributes to ride comfort.
  • Continuous Shoulder Ribs - Increases tread life.

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Firestone FR710